Around us, bodies are in solid-, liquid-, gas- or in plasma states of matter. All bodies have a temperature according to their heat-energy. Even our body is part of a “Thermal Universe”. In the last years, however, the velocities of the particles of the solar wind, solar eruptions and cosmic rays could be measured. Now astrophysics has big problems:

The thermal zigzag-motion of the particles on the solar surface of 6000K is not fast enough to emit the solar wind; the surface should be 24 million Kelvin hot. Areas which emit the solar proton storms should even be 1012 Kelvin hot! These “very hot solar areas” could not be found. Moreover, they cannot exist according to the thermal laws of physics. Already a small area of 0.01% of the solar surface of a temperature of only 2 million Kelvin would emit more heat than 1000 suns. Therefore, the velocity of the proton storm is sometimes named ”non-thermal”. Cosmic rays and other fast particles are now seen as accelerated in an unknown “non-thermal Universe”.

In any case, these solar proton-storms could be emitted electrically via a high concentration of protons in the range of +108 Volt up to +109 V which is in the normal range of the terrestrial stormy clouds of -108 V (both voltages are not well under-stood). These positive solar areas of 6000K would radiate X-ray (as anodes) but no additional heat! Electrostatically exploded particles would fly parallel to the filament axis via pinch-effect as those in the lightning. The non-thermal Universe would emit particles like the Electric Universe via repulsion:

Filaments of a lightning do not need „magnetic corsets” (right), they have the pinch-effect. Magnetic field lines cannot point in two directions starting from one point as in the artist’s picture. This corset is superfluous and impossible.

Some astrophysicists explain the recently discovered many filamentary bodies still thermally as “hot plasma in magnetic corsets” (right). However, the new model Electric Universe shows that stars separate the electric charges via thermoelement- effect and the characteristics of the terrestrial and celestial filaments are identical. The filaments of the TV and lightning are ejected via concentrated electrons, the solar storms and jets via concentrated ions. These particles fly parallel to each other without the thermal collisions with nearly light velocity. These filaments are in no thermal states of matter but in a newly found, most energetic, electric, 5th state of matter. The new physics shows that these filaments do not have a temperature and do not radiate heat like bodies in the 1st-, 2nd -, 3rd- and 4th-states of matter.